What options do I have for leadership training?

Our proven “Leadership Is My Forte” Program is a comprehensive leadership training and continuing education program designed to maximize the efficiency of today’s music educator. With many types of programs and loads of options that can be tailored especially for your specific needs, we can, without a doubt, help your student leaders “be dynamic”.  Let Forte Leadership Solutions customize a student leadership training program that fits your needs and your budget. Here are some of the standard packages that we offer:

  1. Rehearsal Observation and Feedback (Leadership Assessment)
  2. Four Hour Leadership Workshops
  3. Full Day Leadership Clinic
  4. Multi-Day Leadership Camps
  5. Drum Major Training
  6. Online Support and Ongoing Training
  7. Full Year Leadership Lessons and Continuing Education Activities

What kinds of activities are included in the leadership clinics?

We have many activities to fit your individual needs or we can create a custom activity to meet a special need! Some of the types of activities that we incorporate are:

  1. Team Building Activities
  2. Higher Order Thinking Games
  3. Thought Provoking Philosophy
  4. Challenging Written and Oral Discussions That Will Broaden Students Minds
  5. Confidence Building
  6. Ensemble Conducting
  7. Vocal Projection & Speech
  8. Life Lessons That Go Far Beyond the Music Classroom
  9. FUN & PRIZES!

Do you only work with student music programs?

Absolutely not! In addition to bands, choral programs and orchestras, we can work with any student group on campus, including (but not limited to) Student Councils, FFA, JROTC, honor societies, class officers or athletics. We can also work with faculties, departments or classes.  Call us and we can customize a program for you.  Incidentally, we also work with businesses (see the Business Leadership page).

How Much Do You Charge?

Prices vary based on the services you require. We will do our best to work with you. Contact us for a price quote!